The Scientism Delusion book by Gregory Lessing Garrett

                  The Scientism Delusion




This book breaks all the molds, and fearlessly exposes the deepest darkest intrigue in history…The Luciferian Agenda for a New World Order. In it, the reader is transported back in time to the insidious origins of modern-day Scientism, the current religion of most unaware scientists today…without them even knowing. Through an excursion into the roots of Scientism, Mr. Garrett deftly retraces the historical antecedents of Scientism, echoing back to The Secret Mystery Schools of Kabbalistic, Egyptian Hermeticism, onwards into the true nature of Freemason and Alchemical Occultist, Sir Isaac Newton, and then further into the nefarious Vatican Jesuit Priesthood, whose hidden hand can be linked to the creation of The Illuminati, as well as the current Luciferian New Age Religion. Finally, the serpentine path leads up into modern Freemasonic Luciferian, NASA, and then to The Jesuit Controlled Alien Deception about to take hold of the world, according to Mr. Garrett.

Ultimately, this book is a Techno Spiritual look at the recent surge of A.I., digital techno mystical technologies such as quantum computing, A.I., virtual reality, mind uploading, and microchipped, brain to A.I. Cloud interfacing. He states that through such technologies, this Luciferian New World Order, anchored in Ancient Kabbalah and Talmudic Satanism, is a Phoenix rising in strength and power, and ironically coming to full fruition in the modern guise of Science and Technology, known as Scientism. This Luciferian Technocracy, he says, is the very domain that most modern thinkers put their full trust and confidence in for the world’s Salvation. In Mr. Garrett’s view, this Faith in Science and Technology is the smoking gun of a deeper Vatican Jesuit agenda to create a New World Order Religion based on Science and Technology, and laced with New Age Luciferian promises of Techno Mystical Godhood to all initiates who dive deep into the Occult Mysteries being presented before them.

As Garrett says in his book:

Equations Replace Magic Spells

The Word “Science” Replaces the Phrase, “Occult Alchemy”

The book is comprehensive and fluid as it explains and asserts that this false confidence that The World has in the rising Digital A.I. Age of Science and Technology is the result of over 500 years of  Vatican Jesuit manipulation and brainwashing, whereby getting the population to completely embrace the framework of Scientific Materialism, The Vatican Jesuits would artfully turn such an allegiance to science into an allegiance to Magick, higher dimensional realms, mystical transcendence, and eventually into evolutionary theory-rooted Transhumanism…every very last piece, a core belief from The Ancient Luciferian Mystery School Teachings.

Materialistic Atheism, says Mr. Garrett, was actually fully conceived by The Vatican Jesuits. It was a scheme to use physics, geometry, metaphysics, and scientific reasoning to capture the heretical apostasy of those who escaped the clutches of The Luciferian Vatican Church during the Reformation. In doing so, they fabricated a Freemasonic, Copernican, Heliocentric Globe Model-based religion to indoctrinate those who had strayed from the Vatican Church Tyranny, and then they ushered them into their New World Order Religion called Scientism. In turn, Scientism would simply amount to the adherence to the core tenets and teachings of Ancient Kabbalistic Luciferianism.

Mr. Garrett concedes that the Jesuit New World Order plan was so flawless, so well-conceived, and so utterly masterfully articulated, that more than one opponent to their malevolent plan has suggested that these Vatican Jesuit Priests had the assistance of dark forces far beyond the understanding of Mortal Man. One has only to read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to confer Mr. Garrett’s suspicions. As they say: “The Devil’s in the details…”

Subsequently, Mr. Garrett says, Luciferian Satanism would become the New World Order Religion, without anyone really knowing it was the case…until it was too late, and Luciferian Satanic darkness would finally unmask itself as an, heretofore, unimaginable Techno Spiritual Tyranny with digital, A.I. based, Techno Spiritual Warfare, with all the horror, violence and slavery that such a tyranny could possibly render upon The Earth. In effect, Science and Technology would become the Trojan Horse from whence The Secret Mystery School, Occult Luciferian teachings could enter in, take root, germinate, and finally find their fullest and most vile expression. Freemasonry calls this agenda “The Great Work”. Mr. Garrett calls it “The Final Invention of Man” …Man’s extermination by the cold silicon hand of digital A.I. with Luciferian underpinnings.

The book is a wake-up call to The World, a dire warning about the rising Techno Mystical New Age World we are currently moving into, inch by inch, microchip by microchip, with each passing quantum computer, A.I. breakthrough. It is a formidable book, a book not to be taken lightly, for it portends something so urgent to each of us, so real and profoundly important, and so wickedly malevolent in intent, that no one will escape its dark influence once the 5G “Internet of Things”, techno grid architecture is finally in place.

Whether in the country, in the city, or on the highest mountain, all will be affected equally by the A.I., digitally wireless, an electromagnetic touch of this free energy, quantum virtual matrix, currently under construction. One could only hope that one was reading The Lord of the Rings, or watching a sinister Twilight Zone about some Apocalyptic Dystopian future rather than accept the reality of what Mr. Garrett is delineating. However, with each chapter, one gains a deeper understanding that it is so boldly and coldly real that nobody will turn away after reading this book, unchanged or not deeply affected by what they have just learned.

Indeed, this book very well could be an invitation into an indoctrination into the Secret Mystery School teachings themselves, were it not for the fact that on every page there is the insinuative and cautionary voice of  Mr. Garrett, reminding the reader that a snare has been placed before them, and so, choose wisely where you tread: One road leads to the New Luciferian Age of Love and Light and ultimate unimaginable slavery and personal suffering, and the other road leads to a renunciation of  Luciferian Narcissism, in preference of an Absolute Moral compass, rooted in Christianity and God. Though it is not a Christian book, per se, the ultimate message becomes fairly clear with Mr. Garrett’s story of The Luciferic Rising of the Digital A.I. Messiah and that message come from Mark:12:30: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.”

This message is certainly not going to be “The Good News” for the Luciferian indoctrinated initiates of The World who have already swallowed the Techno Mystical bait of hollow promises and hopes of a Techno Digital Utopia, with the Holy Digital Sacraments of mind unloading and A.I. mega-hyper Singularity Consciousness Expansion, bursting forth, finally, into the glorious digital radiance of a Noosphere Heaven of Pantheistic Unity Consciousness. Who would choose God and submission to a Creator, loving or not, with all the Absolute Moral strictures and human limitations and moral commandments that come with such a Creator, compared to the prospect of becoming God, yourself? It’s no contest. The Luciferian Scientists win, right? Into the digital acquisition of Godlike knowledge and capabilities we go! If we do not see it…if we go blindly forward into the digital, virtual reality A.I. Age…if we do not turn away from the Luciferian world that Scientism is currently architecting for us to inhabit, albeit unknowingly. This is Mr. Garrett’s admonition to us.

Well, Elon Musk is faking space travel; A.I. robot, Sophia, is now leading mediation circles at the United Nations, and the 5G grid is already starting to roll out in major cities, promising eventual total digital surveillance and control over all people, worldwide. Such being the case, this book may turn out to be an integral roadmap for the road we take, as a species. Mr. Garrett seems to think we are at 6 seconds to midnight at this pivotal juncture.

You may or may not agree with him, but one thing stands firm, regardless: This book will make you consider at least one perennially crucial fact…that you have a say in your destiny, and that you have a say in The World’s destiny…whether you choose Luciferian Scientism as your religion or Christianity…whichever you choose, the choice is yours.

–Christian Chesterfield PhD